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The Dos and Don’ts Tips for Wearing Your Led Shoes

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What do you picture when you hear someone mention light up sneakers?

If you were around in the 90’s, an image of a child hopping around in a pair of cartoon themed shoes with tiny blinking lights probably comes to mind. not exactly what you’re aspiring to look like today. 

But light up sneakers aren’t just for kids anymore. we’ve used today’s technology to give them a total makeover into a rechargeable led light display and they’ve rapidly grown into a fashion trend that’s influencing everyone from dancers to music lovers, and sports fans. you might even own a pair already, but are you using them to their fullest potential? 

Before you slip on the latest trend, keep in mind a few dos and don’ts:




1. Fully charge up before you leave 

When you’re planning to step out in your ledshoes be sure to allow yourself a little bit of time to recharge your battery before leaving the house. this way you’ll get the chance to experience up to 6 full hours of the led sneaker show. 

It takes around 2.5 hours to charge your shoes, but pro tip: you can save yourself charging time if you turn off your ledshoes before plugging them up. 

2. Show off your moves

Light up shoes are an epic companion to take your other hobbies to the next level. command the attention of the room when you’re performing on the dance floor or showing everyone how it’s done with your hooping skills. 

You don’t have to be super coordinated to participate in the flow arts either. if you have two left feet you can always attract a crowd and entertain them with a gloving display instead. 

3. Bring light up shoes along to the concert

We already know that your potential employer might not enjoy your light up sneakers at a job interview, but there’s plenty of people who will appreciate your kicks. parties, music festivals, and fashion events are awesome venues to bring your light shoes along to. 

Still in school? check to see if your dress code allows led shoes, because if you can get away with them you’re sure to gain some admiration from your fellow students in the hallway. everyone will be asking where your shoes came from. 

4. Give an exciting present

Finding the perfect gift for your friend or child can be nerve-wracking. get them something everyone else won’t have! imagine their face lighting up after they unwrap a pair of fresh kicks. whether you’re shopping for a present for an edm fanatic or a trendsetting fashion lover, light up sneakers are the original gift they’ve been waiting for. 

5. Take your sneakers out for a walk 

It’s never a bad idea to exercise caution in the world today. if you’re going for a stroll at night or need to take your dog out for a walk, the glow from your shoes can help to keep you safer. stay on the sidewalks if you can but if it’s not possible attempt to walk facing towards traffic. keeping a visible light on you alerts drivers to your presence.


6. Upgrade your led experience 

Our latest release of the remote control kit gives you an opportunity to elevate your ledshoes at a low cost. not only can you control your light shoes more effortlessly with a handheld remote instead of manually, but you’re receiving the added bonus of double the led colors and mode selections. you can buy it alone and replace the battery in your shoes, or have the kit installed by us when you purchase a new pair. 

7. Check back for new styles

Sometimes we sell out of popular styles due to high demand, but we work hard to get them back in stock as quickly as possible. if your favorite shoe is unavailable, don’t forget to check back for when it’s restocked on our website. 

We’re often releasing new ledshoes models like the luna shoe and metallic super novas. follow us on facebook or instagram and we’ll give you the update to exclusive new deals first. 

8. Go bigger if you’re a half size 

If you’re in-between shoe sizes, you might be wondering whether are not to round up or down. sneakers are meant to be comfortable, especially if you’re standing all day at a concert or dancing. while you want a snug fit, if you wear a half size you’ll want to size up instead of down. 

You don’t want to get a pair of shoes that are too tight to move around in and expect them to stretch.




1. Take your led shoes on a water ride 

While light rain and snow won’t hurt your ledshoes, getting them soaked in the downpour from a thunderstorm could potentially cause some damage. you need the battery on the inside of your shoes to stay dry. 

We recommend you skip out on bringing them on a boat during a weekend trip to the lake, or to the amusement park if you plan to hop on a water ride. going to the swimming pool? stick to your flip-flops or water shoes because it’s just not worth it! 

2. Leave them in the hot car

Be careful where you leave your shoes. temperatures are already rising to record-setting highs this year and the peak of summer is just about to hit us. we strongly urge you to keep your light up shoes out of a hot resting car! batteries can be unsafe when they’re left in extreme heat conditions. it doesn’t take long either  – if it’s 90 degrees a vehicle can reach 124 degrees in only 30 minutes. 

You’d be bummed to flip the power switch of your sneakers on and discover they weren’t working anymore, right? even if the battery doesn’t cause any danger, it may stop working completely from heat damage. 

3. Only use one setting 

With over 7 color-changing options and different modes to choose from, why stick with just one setting? switch things up by playing with different colors that match your mood or outfit. when you’re listening to fast edm songs from artists like darren styles, change the led mode to strobe and match the beats. 

Feeling mellow? turn on some kygo and chill out by setting the light mode to glow. 

4. Throw light shoes in your laundry

Your sneakers are the star of your outfit so naturally you want to be sure everyone is staring at clean shoes. just don’t be so quick to toss them in a washing machine. you can safely clean your shoes instead with a damp washcloth, warm water, and a mild soap.


5. Be afraid to stand out 

Light up shoes look impressive in person, but the dramatic visual effects you create in photos or videos definitely kick it up a notch. show off your tricks and make a statement by sharing mind-blowing stories with your friends on camera, via snapchat or instagram.


6. Forget to grab a wall adapter 

Every pair of new ledshoes is shipped to you with a free double usb charging cord, but you’ll need a wall adapter in order plug them in. don’t worry about having too much power because it’s safe to use any type of usb wall adapter. 

You can easily find an inexpensive usb adapter at your local stores, but there’s a good chance you already have one laying around the house since they’re used to charge many devices like cell phones. 

Live in the moment 

Transform your shoe game. make the experience even better when you don’t have to spend time and energy worrying about getting it right. by showing your ledshoes a little love and exercising caution when needed, you’ll extend the life of your shoes and keep it safe.